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Saturday, December 3, 2011

stop using me ok..

seriously.. sedih yg teramat..

i can be there for anyone.. but y.. no one can be by my side..

kte benci bile time kte sgt2 perlukan org kat sebelah kte.. tp time tu la sbnrnye kte sgt keseorangan..

sakit nye sgt tak tertanggung.. luka die sangat payah utk elok.. parut nye sgt sukar untuk hilang..

mungkin kte terlalu baik dgn org.. smpai org pijak segala ape yg ade dekat kte..

mungkin kte terlalu mudah sayang dgn org.. sampi kte selalu diabai..

mungkin kte terlalu lembut hati dengan org.. sampi diorg koyakkan hati kite sesuka hati..

cara nak layan kte sgt mudah.. treat me on how i treat u.. if i treat u well.. so please.. treat me well.. i'll give u more than what u give me..

maybe.. ni la first time kte rase tersgt sedih disebabkan sesuatu.. sgt amat.. kite pye sedih tu sampai 3 hr.. bile kite pk je mst nangis.. uwaaaa..

tp.. mayb its a good lesson 4 me.. dont trust others easily.. dont love them freely..

JANNAH ( ")>

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