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hello.. my name is nurul jannah.. my life is not complicated but i'm the one who make it complicated.. life is not easy right..??

Friday, September 17, 2010

raye punye cite..

ape la masalahnye ngan pakcik ku 2 orang ni.. nak datang beraye x kisahla.. ni dah datang beraye patut saling bermaaf maafan.. tp ni p betekak pasal politik.. hish.. x paham betul.. topik mule die simple je.. pasal care mengurus kuarge.. tbe2.. masok plak cite pasal politik.. dah la sorg pembangkang sorang kerajaan.. hbs jiran2 kite tercengang dengar dr lua.. dh la rumah rapat2.. dah tenganga kitorg adk beradik x tau nak wat pape.. dah mcm ade sidang parlimen kat rumah ni ha.. pasal lesen pasir la.. lesen judi la.. lesen arak la.. hbs sume kua.. siap menjerit2 x tahan tu.. nasib baik sepupu depan rumah datg tengok.. pelik die nape bising sgt.. klu x mau ade yg betumbuk.. siap berdiri dh pakcik 2 org ni..

pening2.. kepada sesiape yg suke bercakap pasal politik tu.. tgk2 la tempat dan keadaan.. bukan salah bercakap pasal politik.. but dont be too fanatic.. polytic is a good isue.. but thing before talk about it..

from me,
JANNAH ( ")>

Thursday, September 16, 2010

tsukareta.. tired.. penat..

hmm.. so tired.. my mind is full with assignment, project, tutorial, test, presentation, account to be checked, document to be read and sort out, calls to be make, faxes, people to b meet, frens n my family..

can u imagine a 22 years old girl need to manage all those things beside her study.. i just want one week.. a week to be free from all of this.. i know its my responsibilities.. but can i take a rest for a while..?? i also want to be like other teenagers who use their holidays just to rest n enjoy..

part of me like to do all that.. but sometime.. the other part of me seems to get bored about all of it and at that time my attitude start to change..

thats y lately i'm very easy to get angry n very easy to get sad.. the result.. people around me become the victim of my anger.. n become the one who cause me to cry..

even people will see my anger is not much.. n my cry is something that they can easily see.. only myself know the circumtances of that.. MY LIFE WILL BECOME SHORTER.. now i understand y people said that anger n cry can make u become older..

i want to tell people around me what i feel.. but i cant.. tell them means that i show them my weakness right.. even 'the jannah' that they know now is weak.. what happen if they do know bout the real me..

i'm very gratefull that i have frens who understand me.. actually i'm a person who can be easily read by other people.. i'm very grateful to have family who always by my side.. the prob is.. i'm just not good with heart to heart communication.. so they dont know my feeling.. so.. my solution is.. this blog..

i dont know y.. but i want to say sorry to everybody.. this time my post maybe too wordy to be read.. n make me look like i'm not a grateful person.. just.. i'm very very sorry..

from me,
JANNAH ( ")>

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Alhamdulillah.. syawal come again.. ramadhan leave us.. lets pray so that we can have oppurtunity to see ramadhan again next year..

well this syawal a little bit different for me.. my mother has to follow my father for work.. n my house is the only one in my resident area that have people on it.. others is empty.. never mind.. its my second time after all.. last aidiladha also was celebrated like this..

i want to thnx those people who have been very kind to entertain me yesterday.. (even everybody does not know i have this blog.. only my sibling know bout this blog) i dont know y but since yesterdays afternoon until sahur this morning.. i'm in avery sad mood.. my tears very easy to flow.. maybe because i feel empty without my parents this raya.. huhuhu..


JANNAH ( ")>

Saturday, September 4, 2010

the things that i dont tell means i dont want others to know..

all of my post for now is in english.. but allow me to use my favourite language this time..

kenape sume org tye psl benda yg kite xnk bgtau kat org lain.. dah la kite ni lemah ble org tye.. kite seorg yg x penah cakp tidak.. so ble org tye.. lju je mulut ni nk menjawab.. itulah kelemahan yg kite plg benci..

lg satu.. kite x suke org ckp kias2 n ckp blakang2.. klu x puas hati ckp dpn2.. mne yg salah kite akn try betulkan.. klu x bgtau smpi ble2 pn kita kan buat kesalahn yg same.. then ble kite wat kesalahan tu sume pn nk marah nk wat muke n bnda yg wat kite terase.. i'm just an ordinary human.. kite pn ade perasaan.. bkn senang nk jage hati sume org.. asik nk jge hati orh je.. spe nk jge hati kite..