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Sunday, January 30, 2011

somethin to talk about.........

just some story that i need to blurt it out.. coz it really make my head spinning n my heart like want to explode..

akhir2 ni perkataan yg sering kte dengar is MEMBER n KAWAN..
"jannah skrg ade KAWAN baru.."
"mentang2 MEMBER awak ramai.."
"jannah x nak KAWAN kte dah.."
"jannah.. MEMBER2 janah marah ke jannah kua ngn kitorg..??"

those r the sentences that i alwys heard.. do u guys know it hurting me.. it hurt so much.. even gurau pun.. u guys stil mean it rite..??

ket me tell u guys.. yes.. i have a lot of frends.. yes i always hang out with them.. but i do have my priority among them.. even kte kua ngn dioeg 100x pun.. i will not let my priority suffer or feel alone.. but.. just do understand me..

u guys maybe nmpk kte mcm serabut.. handle mcm2 bnda.. but i like do all of it.. kite mengaku kte kelam kabut.. but i think my kelam kabut belum menysahkan org lain lg.. i wouldnt take job that i cant handle..

kte mmg suke bekawan.. n i like to be with my frens.. if i can build a very big house.. n can have a very big car.. i want to bring all of my frenz have fun 2gether in that house.. n going anywhere with that car.. huhuhu..

my frenz.. please do understand what i want.. u guys say tht i'm predictable.. so y dont u guys predict wat i feel..

from me,
JANNAH ( ")>

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